Company Setup

To sell your company you will need the Immigration pre-approval of the new owner(s), to return all original company documents and have a signed sale of shares forms between the buyer and seller. It should be noted that other requirements may be applicable subject to jurisdiction of incorporation or application. Requirements are subject to change from time to time with or without prior notice. Please speak to a member of the Relationship Management Department to find out more.
To change your company name you must first come up with a new suggested company name and we will seek approval from the licensing authority/jurisdiction. Upon availability of the name and the approval an advert must be placed in a local newspaper notifying this change (a legal notice of company name change). We also require signed amendment forms and all of the original company documents must be returned.
Your relationship manager will send you notifications for renewal 3 months before it is due. When it is convenient for you contact them and they will handle the procedure for you.
As of right now it is not possible to transfer your company to a different free zone. However you can set up a branch of your existing company in a different free zone.
Opening a UAE bank account is free of charge if you do it on your own. However, each bank has its own requirements when it comes to maintaining a minimum monthly balance. We can also help you set up your bank account.
The licence renewal process will take 2-7 working days to renewed.
Once your licence is issued, you will receive an email from the My License team. You may then schedule a meeting with our Client Service Specialist and collect your documents at a convenient time.